The alitiq engine uses state-of-the-art data science techniques such as TFT and recurrent neural networks. It draws on more than 5 billion forecasts in alitiq’s weather data archive.


The alitiq engine delivers high resolution forecasts tailored to your needs that are up to 40% more accurate than the current market standard.


Your existing data is the basis for training the AI system, which recognises the relationship between the local weather and your process.

… is based on artificial intelligence


… is intensively trained with your location-specific data


… utilises alitiq’s comprehensive forecast archive with more than 5 billion forecasts

The artificial intelligence implemented by alitiq in the form of TFTs or recurrent neural networks precisely determines the relationship between the weather and your data.


By using current weather forecasts, your process is accurately predicted. To do this, alitiq relies on a multi-model approach and uses a variety of weather models.


The alitiq engine forecasts your process to the hour.


Forecasts from alitiq are up to 40 per cent more accurate than the market standard.


alitiq provides the forecasts several times a day according to your requirements.

It's so easy to get the forecasts to you

Step 1


data exchange

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Step 2

Calculation of your individual model with the alitiq engine

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Step 3

Provision of your forecasts via Web API

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